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Houston, Texas was established in 1836 and is now the largest city in Texas. Against a backdrop of greenery and colorful wildflowers, Houston offers the visitor a vast array of attractions - parks, art museums, Historical Monuments, prestigious educational institutions, the "mission control" of space flights, the nation's first domed stadium and much more. Beneath the city's downtown there is an extensive tunnel system with shops and restaurants, and close by is the large Galleria shopping area and Medical Center.


A volkswalk is an organized non-competitive walking event designed for people of all ages to promote physical fitness and wholesome recreation of singles, couples and families. Typically, an event is 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) and the route is carefully selected for its safety and appeal to most people. A Year-Round Event (unlike other volkssport events which have established start/finish times and usually are conducted on weekends) may be walked any day of the year.


The Crowne Plaza Medical Center Hotel, located at 6701 South Main St., Houston, TX 77030 is the star/finish for the events. From the 610 South Loop take Main Street north to the Crowne Plaza entrance: from US 59 take Green Briar south to University, then left on University to Fannin and right on Fannin to the Crowne Plaza entrance The Crowne Plaza is just northeast of the Main/Holcombe intersection.

The Crowne Plaza Medical Center has generously agreed to offer their assistance in administering the walk. Please be considerate and appreciative of their help. There may be times when the staff is busy with customers, so please be patient and let them finish their business first. An additional "thank you" would be to patronize their facilities whenever possible. NOTE: Special Crowne Plaza rates are available to walkers!

Free parking is available in front of the Holiday Inn, located on the corner of Fannin and Holcomb, across Main Street from the Crowne Plaza


"B" awards from previous YRE events will be available.  Additionally, magnets are available as souvenirs.


By the American Volkssport Association (AVA), a member of the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV). Participants in these events may receive credit toward IVV awards.


One IVV event credit per the first six months of the year and a second credit is available after July 1. There are no limits of the distance credits you can earn, but $2.00 must be paid each time the course is walked for credit except that a trail may be walked twice on the same day for one fee.


There is no preregistration. All participants register at the front desk and pick up a start card. The start cards and fees are:

"B" award & IVV credit: $3.00               IVV credit only: $2.00

No refunds for inclement weather.

All participants must carry a start card and return it when finished. IVV record books ($5) are available for purchase at the start/finish box or may be obtained from the event point of contact.


This event is open to the public and all ages are welcome. Family participation is encouraged but children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. All pets must be leashed and under control at all times. Wheelchairs and strollers may be used on all 3 walks.


We have carefully selected the routes to ensure the safety of the participants. The sponsors and hosts of the events are not liable for accidents, theft or damages, so we ask everyone's cooperation in making these events safe, enjoyable and memorable.


The flat, 11 kilometer (6.8 miles) course is interesting and varied. The trail follows shaded paved streets and sidewalks with some curbs, suitable for strollers, past Houston's world-famous Medical Center, the charming shops and restaurants of the Village, the renowned Art Museums and Sculpture Gardens, scenic residential area and through the beautiful campus of Rice University.


The flat, 10 kilometer (6.2 miles) course pass several things to do when you aren't volkswalking - golf, zoo, museums and theaters. The trail is opposite Main Street from the YRE 1 trail and also follows shaded, paved streets and sidewalks with some curbs, suitable for strollers. Take your time and enjoy the hike and bike trails introduced on the route. Come back after the walk to participate in the many activities in and around Hermann Park.


Another flat,  (what else in Houston!) 10 kilometer walk that takes you through the inner courtyards and past the fountains and statues of the world famous Texas Medical Center, The University of Texas Health Science Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Woman's University's Houston Center, and Methodist and St. Luke's Hospitals. Then through an attractive residential district on its way back to the medical center.

Detailed maps of the routes are furnished. All trails are rated 1. START ANYTIME BETWEEN 7 AM AND 3 HOURS BEFORE DUSK AND FINISH BY DARK. PLEASE!


For walks #1 and #2 there will be one manned checkpoint at Butera's Delicatessen where start cards will be punched and an additional checkpoint which will be described on the YRE 1 map. Butera's has a variety of foods and drinks and there are other places along the route where refreshments may be purchased. YRE #3 will have checkpoints indicated on the map.


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