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Here are the minutes from previous business meetings.

First Quarter Business Meeting 16 March 2002
Third Quarter Business Meeting 15 September 2002
4th Quarter Business Meeting 14 December 2002

March 16, 2002 Business Meeting -- Stephen F. Austin State Park

President Charles Christal called the meeting to order at 12:10 PM, with 14 members and 4 officers present.  The minutes of the previous meeting were not read as members have had other opportunities to read the minutes.  Two corrections were added by Charles.  For the Year Round Events, Connie will continue with them for now.  Carol Jackson will remain recording secretary until someone else wants to do it or she moves.  Voted minutes will stand as reported, along with the two corrections.

Treasurer Linda Risinger gave the Treasurer's report (available upon request).  Income is derived mainly from memberships and most expenses were for walks.  Linda also read two thank you notes from two familles who received donations from the club  in the memory of the loss of their loved one to an organization of their choice.  In memory of Mavis Wisecup, a donation was sent to the Light House For the Blind.  In memory of Drahos Navratil, a donation was sent to The Nature Conservancy of Texas.   Both were long time members of the club.

Charles reported there are 192 names on our mailing list, plus 11 clubs.  There have been 317 hits on our website.  Andy said he will move the site, so we will have more room for pictures, membership forms, minutes, and so on.  Help is needed with getting the newsletter out.  It was suggested to have a folding party for newsletter, it takes a some work to get it together.

President Elect position is now open.  John Rabon was handling this position and has done a fine job.  His job is now making more demands on him, so cannot handle the position of President next year.  Charles needs more help, so when he retires in June, he can do some of the things he would like to do.  He will continue in the position if he has to.  Also needed is a trailmaster, and people to work under this person to mark trails, and run a walk each month.  John suggested to put on the internet  jobs available and what the job entails.  The load needs to be taken off of Charles, he has to do too much work, which is not fair to him; if it continues there will be burn out.  We need leadership and other people to step up and do some of the jobs or the club could fold.

For July and August year-round walks, Charles would like someone who would drive and park their car along walk route where there can be water and fruit for the walkers, as these two months can get pretty hot.

New items of Business:  Andy talked about the December award he has been looking at.  A medal with disc that can be put in with a design of our choice, cheaper than having it done right on the medal, disc are done up then put on the medal.  He just needs some ideas for art work to be put on the medal, Lynn Clark had one idea.

Charles brought up that the more experienced people in the club don't care about awards as much, but new people do want something.  Lynn Clark suggested hat pins, as a lot of people do wear them, rather than medals.  Another suggestion was a header pin, with a bar below with name of walk no date, so could be used again.  Another suggestion was charms.  Andy said he would look into it.  John suggested the club take some of the money from checking account and put into a three month CD, to earn better income, than in checking account.  Lynn also thought it might be a good idea.

Charles suggested we need to do more advertising with the idea of attracting more members and maybe people who could handle some of the jobs.  Lynn suggested we could advertise in magazines, like Fitness ones.   Another idea was link up with some associations like American Heart Association, who wants people to walk for their heart.  The idea is get our name out there so people know about us.  Charles suggested maybe we can join the Greater Houston Visitors' and Convention Bureau, then they would put our flyers where people would see them.  Also talked about putting flyers at various locations.  Charles asked Linda to look into this idea.

Catherine Kellner thanked Perry, a brand new member that day, for helping out all morning; he was of great help.  The meeting was adjourned.  Respectfully submitted -- Carol Jackson, Recording Secretary

September 15, 2002 Business meeting - Luby's Cafeteria, Buffalo Speedway

President Charles Christal called the meeting to order with seven (7) members (2 officers and 5 others) present.  The minutes of the previous meeting had been previously read by all present and were accepted.  Charles reported that membership is up considerably but there are several that still have not renewed their memberships.  Charles may issue personal e-mail reminders to those that have e-mail addresses on record.

Treasurer Linda Risinger gave the Treasurer's report, reporting on income and expenses for May through August (available upon request).  Linda Goller made a motion and Daralyn Schubert seconded the motion to accept the Treasurer's report; all agreed.

Charles reported that Andy Howard has our new web site set up and in operation (houstonhappyhikers.org) and it is looking good and has had quite a few 'hits' already.  Charles has sent notice to the AVA/TVA to point to our new web site, as the old web site will no longer be updated.

The success of the Heights walk yesterday was discussed.  There were approximately 11 new walker packets sold.  There were 104 walkers with quite a number of those being new and several were visitors from out of town.  

There are currently about 174 on the e-mail address list.  Charles has made a change to the e-mail such that any notes sent out to the general listing will first go to his mailbox to be reviewed for appropriateness before issuing to everyone.  This is a result of several people 'joining' the e-mail list only long enough to issue a general spam note or advertisement and then disappear.  This is not what our e-mail is for.  Charles indicated he will need someone to help monitor those e-mails and is seeking a volunteer(s).  This way a note won't possibly sit in the 'to be reviewed' space if Charles happens to be unavailable.

Next walk will be the Bolivar walk in Galveston on October 26th.  Charles will check out the trail soon.

Our November walk is in Seabrook and there will be a 5K and an 11 or 12K option.  The route will probably change a bit from that used last year.  The City of Seabrook is paying for flyers that advertise the walk and is making tee shirts available for sale (there will be a walking pelican in tennis shoes on the front).

In December, we will walk at the Arboretum and have our covered dish Christmas Party as well as our 4th Quarterly meeting with the election of 2003 officers.  The search for a nominating committee (a group of 3-4) continues.  Please let Charles know if you are willing to help with this effort.

Carol has agreed to continue to handle the secretary duties as long as she is in town.  Linda R. indicated she would be willing to continue to handle the Treasurer duties.  As indicated earlier, Charles hopes to find a replacement for President.

Whether to purchase walkie-talkie radios for use during walks at the checkpoints and start/finish line was discussed.  All responses to Andy's e-mail have been positive.  It is anticipated that the cost will be in the neighborhood of ~$400-500.  Karen Cormier made a motion that the radios be purchased, motion was seconded by Linda G. and passed unanimously.

Linda G. asked about the Christmas luncheon, as she is helping coordinate and set up for this event.  Jennie Horton has been handling and will help as well.  The Club provides meats and drinks and members bring a covered dish to share.  Charles indicated help would be required to set up the tables and also stated that this has been a good 'PR' event for our club as out-of-town guests really appreciate getting fed after the walk.  Door prizes were discussed and centerpieces will again be given as prizes.  Other items may be added as well.

This created a discussion about whether the club had other social events during the year or just the Christmas luncheon.  Comments were made about events that used to take place (e.g., hotdog lunches after a walk if the location accommodated such).  Charles indicated he would like to see the club do more along those lines.

Walks for 2003 were discussed.  Alan has indicated that he would rather not oversee the Galveston walk but would be happy to help others.  Mary Wheat said that she would work on the Galveston walk and Linda R. will help.  Some items to work on are contacting the starting restaurant, layout of the route, creating a map, etc.   A walk is in the works for March at the San Jacinto Monument/Battleground area.  Charles needs the January through March dates and events by mid-October so he can submit for inclusion in the Houston Visitors Bureau publications.

Suggestions for walk locations were sought and ideas were named, as follows:  Sugarland, Lone Star Hiking Trail - Cold Spring, Old Town Spring, Woodlands, Kingwood (Linda R. is going to try to get a walk set up here for January which would then confirm February as the Galveston walk), Baytown, LaPorte, Liberty and a walk in the wildflowers in April.  Karen agreed to check into possibilities in Baytown and LaPorte.   Kathie Goldfarb is checking on a walk for Texas City. 

Meeting was adjourned by unanimous agreement!  Respectfully submitted -- Karen Cormier for Carol Jackson, Recording Secretary

December 14, 2002 Business Meeting -- Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

A pre-meeting update of upcoming walks was given by Robert Theis (TVA Vice President), from the Kerrville club.  He discussed upcoming TVA walks:  the annual Memorial and midnight walks on New Year's Eve/Day in Fredericksburg and the Kerrville Club walk on 2/2/03 @ Kerrville-Schreiner State Park, held the Sunday after the semi-annual TVA meeting.  Robert invited everyone to attend both the TVA meeting and the walk.  He also mentioned March 1st and 2nd as the dates of the TVA's 'Reunion walk' in Seguin, TX.

The business meeting was then called to order by Charles.  Andy moved that the minutes of the last meeting (Secretary's report) be accepted without reading.  The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.  Linda R. presented the treasurer's report indicating the balance.   A copy of the report will be attached to the record/file copy of the minutes from this meeting.  A motion was made, seconded and passed, to accept the treasurer's report.

Charles reported that our membership number stands at 142 paid-to-date.  At this time, it appears 64 past members will be dropped from the list due to no renewal (renewal form).  Eleven (11) clubs receive our newsletter.  Last month, 222 copies were mailed out. Andy mentioned that contributions to the newsletter are always welcome and suggested again that a folding and addressing 'party' of volunteers would be welcome at mail out time each quarter.  (Webmaster note:  stay tuned for the date and location).

Andy gave a report on our web page.  There have been 745 hits on the new site as of today.  There are 189 people on the e-mail address list.  Andy encouraged everyone to feel free to write notes and/or submit pictures to him for inclusion on the site.

Walks for 2003 for January and February are set and March through June are in the works.

Connie reported on our YREs.  Participants numbered 58 for the Herman walk, 20 for the Medical Center walk, and 121 for the Rice walk.  These numbers are way down from 2001.  Karen volunteered to take the walks and make changes/updates to the maps as required.

Lynn announced that the IVV (International club) web site is www.ivv.org.  It has been newly updated.

Election of Officers:  Charles indicated that there was no nominating committee because of difficulties getting participants.  Charles opened the floor for nominations and indicated that current officers have agreed to stay in for another term with the exception of the secretary and membership positions.  Karen and Katherine G., respectively, have volunteered to take these positions or run if others are nominated.  Current officers willing to continue for an additional year are:   President, Charles; VP, Catherine K.; 2nd VP, Andy; and Treasurer, Linda R.  A motion was made to accept slate of officers by acclamation.  Motion was seconded and accepted.

Andy suggested officers should write up job descriptions so that this could be posted on the web page.  Discussion ensued as to how we can help the President/Charles:

Trailmaster Turn in requests for sanctioning walks, follow through with required paperwork, etc
Trailwork Pre-walk event, set trail markers, pick up trail markers
Flyers Pick up and have available at all walks
Set up checkpoints Tables, candy, water, etc
Walkie-talkie responsibility Keep charged, bring to all walks
Start/finish Meet and greet walkers, direct to registration/finish, talk about club, etc.

Andy indicated officers should send him their e-mail addresses (and job descriptions).  Then, from the web page,  visitors can address "HHH President, HHH Secretary, etc�" and these would be forwarded directly to that person's e-mail address without having to put the personal e-mail address on the web page.   AVA will be looking at our web page and grading it prior to the National Conference in Colorado Springs in June.

Linda Goller, who coordinated and prepared for our luncheon today was thanked and applauded for her good work.  Catherine Kellner thanked the volunteers she had worked with throughout the year.  This year the number of volunteers increased to 44.  Discussion followed by Andy who was thinking that possibly we should offer tokens of appreciation to volunteers in the future.  Catherine suggested a "volunteer award program" where names could be put in a drawing for a prize.  A definition of a "volunteer" will be determined and published.  Charles indicated this was a part of our club's function - rewarding volunteers - and that Catherine should go forward with her plans.  A gift of appreciation was presented to Charles for his hard work in 2002.  

Charles reminded us of the trail work that is ongoing every 1st Saturday of each month at the Arboretum.  The Arboretum was thanked for allowing the club to use its facility for our lunch.  After a motion, second, and unanimous agreement, the business meeting was adjourned.  Submitted by Karen Cormier.


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