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Heights 2002

SF Austin Park 2002 Eagle Lake 2002 Brazos Bend 2002 Hershey Park 2002 Heights 2002 Seabrook 2002 Houston Arboretum 2002 Buffalo Bayou 2003 Lake Houston 2003

14 SEP 2002.  Click on the thumbnails below to see enlarged pictures.

hh4570HickoryHollow.JPG (124096 bytes) Start at the Hickory House Restaurant hh4564Start.JPG (174942 bytes) Getting started
hh4566Start.JPG (165949 bytes) Here's the info hh4565Start.JPG (152103 bytes) A crowd at the start
hh4568StartPeople.JPG (132523 bytes) The start/finish hh4562Brochures.JPG (136117 bytes) Checking out the brochures for future walks
hh4563Needlepoint.JPG (136405 bytes) A little needlepoint, while waiting for the walker hh4567Newbies.JPG (142936 bytes) Yep, we're ready to go
hh4569LadyDog.JPG (140727 bytes)

I'm ready to go

hh4571BellaFlora.JPG (188472 bytes) Neat stores along the way
hh4572antiques.JPG (142862 bytes) Antiques in here hh4573artcarmuseum.JPG (124396 bytes) Art Car Museum
hh4575bridge.JPG (119236 bytes) Over the bayou hh4576trail.JPG (152924 bytes) Down the trail
hh4577homes.JPG (180388 bytes) Victorian houses hh4578Antiques.JPG (190747 bytes) More antiques
hh4579trail.JPG (121122 bytes) Walking down the prominade hh4580house.JPG (147759 bytes) Nice house
hh4581House.JPG (190020 bytes) Another house hh4582WarMemorial.JPG (203118 bytes) War Memorial
hh4583CP1.JPG (173016 bytes) Checkpoint 1 hh4584CP1.JPG (156599 bytes) Time for water
hh4586newbies.JPG (203046 bytes) Look, we're still on our feet! hh4587CP1.JPG (194092 bytes) Traffic at Checkpoint 1
hh4585litepost.JPG (198936 bytes) Victorian light post hh4588walkers.JPG (132982 bytes) Checking out the GPS info
hh4589jogger.JPG (209891 bytes) Jogger on the trail hh4590homes.JPG (164524 bytes) More homes
hh4591house.JPG (204036 bytes) Very colorful hh4592CP2.JPG (145820 bytes) Checkpoint 2
hh4593mainstreet.JPG (103629 bytes) Main street hh4594artcar.JPG (129406 bytes) Art car
hh4595store.JPG (154726 bytes) Knick-knack store hh4596house.JPG (174548 bytes) Nice gardens
hh4597khobie.JPG (142690 bytes) Are we done yet?    


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