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SF Austin Park 2002

SF Austin Park 2002 Eagle Lake 2002 Brazos Bend 2002 Hershey Park 2002 Heights 2002 Seabrook 2002 Houston Arboretum 2002 Buffalo Bayou 2003 Lake Houston 2003 Texas City 2003

16 MARCH 2002.  Click on the thumbnails below to see enlarged pictures.

sa2957Start.JPG (163983 bytes) At the start/finish sa2958Start.JPG (145074 bytes) Under a nice pavillion
sa2959Start.JPG (153560 bytes) Time to pay up sa2960Finish.JPG (179116 bytes) Getting ready to go
sa2961Trail.JPG (285544 bytes) Down the trail sa2962Cabins.JPG (281620 bytes) A nice campground...
sa2963Cabins.JPG (250017 bytes) with cabins... sa2964Tents.JPG (250183 bytes) and tents
sa2965KnottyTree.JPG (294199 bytes) A knobby ole tree sa2966Tents.JPG (265605 bytes) The Boy Scouts...
sa2967Tents.JPG (246127 bytes) are in force sa2968KhobieTinaTrail.JPG (323702 bytes) Come on, let's go!
sa2969KhobieTinaTrail.JPG (310294 bytes) What?  Are we stopping again? sa2970TrailMarkers.JPG (290500 bytes) You expect me to read these signs?
sa2971StartFinish.JPG (257442 bytes) Oh boy!  A checkpoint sa2972StartFinish.JPG (209692 bytes) The card puncher
sa2974Trail.JPG (306180 bytes) Chatting on the trail sa2975Trail.JPG (280314 bytes) Follow the leader...
sa2976Trail.JPG (253152 bytes) down and up the trail sa2977CheckPoint.JPG (264615 bytes) Back to the checkpoint
sa2982StartFinish.JPG (172605 bytes) Hurrah!  We are finished sa2980StartFinish.JPG (197179 bytes) Sitting around for a chat
sa2981TinaAndy.jpg (158520 bytes) Tina, Khobie, and Andy    


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