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Buffalo Bayou 2003

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18 January 2003.  Click on the thumbnails below to see enlarged pictures.

bby5080Start.JPG (158428 bytes) Ear muffs in Houston? bby5081Start.JPG (182242 bytes) Getting ready to start
bby5083Walkway.JPG (127574 bytes) Off into the sun bby5084Skyline.JPG (120035 bytes) View from the overpass
bby5086Walkway.JPG (184042 bytes) View in the overpass bby5087MemPkwy.jpg (95611 bytes) Memorial Drive
bby5088Checkpoint1.JPG (193358 bytes) Check out the spiffy new decor at the checkpoint bby5089Cemetery.JPG (225938 bytes) Old and new
bby5090PortaPotties.JPG (150321 bytes) Ready for the marathon tomorrow bby5092StrollerOnTrail.JPG (183099 bytes) Nice day for a stroll
bby5093OnTheTrail.JPG (164836 bytes) Coming up on the skyline bby5095Skyline.JPG (114882 bytes) Skyline from Allen Parkway
bby5097PictureOfPicture.JPG (289361 bytes) Taking a photo of taking a photo bby5099AndyTina.JPG (188557 bytes) Tina and Andy take a break
bby5101CycleSkyline.JPG (139505 bytes) Skyline view from the bike race route bby5104BikeLoops.JPG (194269 bytes) Racing up the hill
bby5106BikeJump.JPG (165128 bytes) Jumping over the barriers bby5107CycleFinish.JPG (162783 bytes) Finished at last!
bby5108Skyline.JPG (135925 bytes) More skyline bby5109Bayou.JPG (195988 bytes) Looking up Buffalo Bayou
bby5110ArtWalk.JPG (150295 bytes) Start of the Art Walk bby5111Checkpoint2.JPG (138452 bytes) Checkpoint 2
bby5112TrashDog.JPG (185670 bytes) The trash bag dog bby5113Bayou.JPG (189781 bytes) Where does that dog get its energy?
bby5116BayouSkyline.JPG (152769 bytes) Walking on the trail bby5118BayouTrail.JPG (141010 bytes) Trail along the bayou
bby5119BayouSkyline.JPG (160770 bytes) Walkers, bayou, skyline bby5123UnderPkwy.JPG (138424 bytes) Under Memorial Drive
bby5127Checkpoint1.JPG (202744 bytes) Back at Checkpoint 1, the "P" got tired bby5129Finish.JPG (161557 bytes) Finished another walk!


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