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Eagle Lake 2002

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13 APRIL 2002.  Click on the thumbnails below to see enlarged pictures.

el3076Museum.JPG (68903 bytes) Prairie Edge Museum - Start/Finish el3077StartFinish.JPG (73897 bytes) Start/Finish Tables
el3078GroupStart.JPG (85066 bytes) Okay, which way do we go now? el3079Downtown.JPG (82869 bytes) Main Street
el3080EagleLakeStone.JPG (143534 bytes) Eagle Lake marker el3081Group.JPG (112127 bytes) A bevy of beauties
el3082DaveCarol.JPG (100132 bytes) Carol and Dave el3083Path.JPG (107459 bytes) Down the trail
el3084Boardwalk.JPG (129624 bytes) On the boardwalk el3085EagleLake.JPG (126020 bytes) Backwaters
el3086EagleLake.JPG (132996 bytes) Eagle Lake in background el3087LakeGrass.JPG (159666 bytes) Backwater bushes
el3088EagleLake.JPG (105133 bytes) More backwater el3089Boardwalk.JPG (90433 bytes) Strolling on the boardwalk
el3090ChkPntCharlie.JPG (67525 bytes) Checkpoint Charlie el3091ChkPntAndy.JPG (88384 bytes) Checkpoint Andy
el3092Walkers.JPG (65120 bytes) Walkers... el3093Walkers.JPG (72601 bytes) Walkers...
el3094Walkers.JPG (63065 bytes) and more walkers el3095Walkers.JPG (59041 bytes) ... and more...
el3096Walkers.JPG (72813 bytes) ... and more... el3097Walkers.JPG (72438 bytes) ... and more...
el3098Walkers.JPG (57009 bytes) ... and more... el3099ChkPnt.JPG (75868 bytes) Stopping for a drink
el3100Walker.JPG (64073 bytes) ... and more... el3101Walker.JPG (60917 bytes) ... and more...
el3102Walker.JPG (62696 bytes) ... and more... el3103RabonsCharlie.JPG (64478 bytes) Charlie's back again
el3104Walker.JPG (68472 bytes) ... and more... el3105Walkers.JPG (60957 bytes) ... and more...
el3106Walkers.JPG (64191 bytes) ... and more... el3107WildFlowers.JPG (127368 bytes) Flowers on the trail
el3108Cemetery.JPG (99963 bytes) Laying in rest el3109MethChurch.JPG (104825 bytes) Church on historic school site
el3110House.JPG (118084 bytes) Nice home el3111House.JPG (84020 bytes) ... another home...
el3112StatelyHouse.JPG (111596 bytes) ... and another home  el3113PinkChurch.JPG (64969 bytes) The pink church
el3114OldBldg.JPG (82481 bytes) A building with a storied past el3115StartFinish.JPG (77860 bytes) Back at the finish
el3116StartFinish.JPG (68647 bytes) Taking some time to chew the fat el3117MusuemMan.JPG (69478 bytes) This guys been in the dentist's chair a loooong time!
el3119Museum.JPG (55017 bytes) Prairie Edge Museum el3120MuseumGator.JPG (70304 bytes) Found out in the backwaters
el3121MuseumBones.JPG (70243 bytes) Bones from pre-historic walkers? el3122CharlesAble.JPG (58101 bytes) Trailmaster Charlie Able


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