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Houston Arboretum 2002

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14 December 2002.  Click on the thumbnails below to see enlarged pictures.

ha4847Start.JPG (169630 bytes) Start at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center ha4850RockTrail.JPG (238162 bytes) Rock, recruiting on the trail
ha4848Lake.JPG (236156 bytes) Nature in the city ha4849Lake.JPG (173485 bytes) Walkers on the trail
ha4856WoodPath.JPG (232433 bytes) Boardwalk through the swamp ha4855PathPond.JPG (264982 bytes) Better use the boardwalk
ha4852Trail.JPG (209524 bytes) Watch out for the trees ha4853PathMarkers.JPG (231856 bytes) The trail markers were easy to follow
ha4851PathMarker.JPG (218289 bytes) There's a turn coming up ha4854WoodPath.JPG (213736 bytes) Going the right way.
ha4858RoughPath.JPG (170770 bytes) We should have a nice, new path... next year. ha4857Checkpoint.JPG (168745 bytes) Ready at the checkpoint
ha4862Start.JPG (147977 bytes) Lots of business at the finish ha4861Start.JPG (157623 bytes) Stamp, stamp, stamp
ha4859Start.JPG (146012 bytes) All is under control ha4860Start.JPG (176624 bytes) "It was great seeing you again"
ha4864Start.JPG (177478 bytes) Telling a trail tall tale ha14Finish.JPG (117098 bytes) The finish is moved inside
ha15Finish.JPG (119157 bytes) Some more finishers ha4845Kitchen.JPG (110023 bytes) Queen of the Kitchen
ha11TablePrep.JPG (143722 bytes) Putting the final touches on the serving line ha12Foodline.JPG (135223 bytes) Grub's on, come and get it
ha13FoodLine.JPG (141301 bytes) "I have to try some of this" ha4865CatherineCharlie.JPG (96794 bytes) Catherine presents President Charles a "Thank You" gift certificate
ha4866Charlie.JPG (84594 bytes) President Charles in a rare moment... speechless!    


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