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Hershey Park 2002

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08 JUNE 2002.  Click on the thumbnails below to see enlarged pictures.

hp3454StartFinish.JPG (200669 bytes) A nice pagoda for the start/finish hp3453StartFinish.JPG (221917 bytes) Here's the banner
hp3452StartFinish.JPG (208352 bytes) The crowd is ready to go hp3455REItent.JPG (200731 bytes) REI getting its booth ready.
hp3456TreesReady.JPG (265265 bytes) Trees ready for planting hp3457BayouTrail.JPG (241870 bytes) Hike/Bike trail along the bayou
hp3458CheckpointCharlie.JPG (219147 bytes) Checkpoint Charlie hp3459LeveeSpillway.JPG (166796 bytes) Spillway at the Addicks Dam
hp3460LeveeSpillway.JPG (181332 bytes) Walking along the spillway hp3461LeveeSpillway.JPG (186346 bytes) Not much flow right now
hp3462LeveeSluicegate.JPG (216253 bytes) The sluice gates hp3463LeveeSpillway.JPG (202777 bytes) The view from the top
hp3464LeveeSteps.JPG (225170 bytes) The steps to get to the top hp3465SpillwayCreek.JPG (225276 bytes) More spillway
hp3467TrailMap.JPG (185130 bytes) Bayou Hike/Bike trails hp3469DaveCheckPoint.JPG (287669 bytes) Checkpoint David
hp3471Bridge.JPG (252234 bytes) Bridge over the bayou hp3472BuffaloBayou.JPG (297353 bytes) The creek
hp3473JohnTreePlanting.JPG (239831 bytes) John ready to plant a tree hp3475RockTreePlanting.JPG (209979 bytes) Rock "supervises" the mulch detail
hp3476TreePlanting.JPG (232493 bytes) The trees are planted hp3477TreePlanting.JPG (239514 bytes) It's a family affair
hp3478TreePlanting.JPG (214497 bytes) Lynn handing out incentives hp3479TreePlanting.JPG (237321 bytes) Moving the tree
hp3480StartFinish.JPG (207197 bytes) Back at the finish hp3481StartFinish.JPG (210863 bytes) It's a crowd


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