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Seabrook 2002

SF Austin Park 2002 Eagle Lake 2002 Brazos Bend 2002 Hershey Park 2002 Heights 2002 Seabrook 2002 Houston Arboretum 2002 Buffalo Bayou 2003 Lake Houston 2003

16 NOV 2002.  Click on the thumbnails below to see enlarged pictures.

sb101RobynsCafe.jpg (243765 bytes) Starting a Robyn's Cafe sb102RobynsPelican.JPG (248771 bytes) One of Seabrook's pelicans
sb4726PelicanHouseB-B.JPG (208649 bytes) Suzanne Silver, outside the Pelican House B&B sb4727WalkSigns.JPG (249871 bytes) This is the way to go
sb4742House.JPG (194931 bytes) One of the houses along the way sb4735BackWaterBay.JPG (173158 bytes) View on the Back Bay
sb4736BackWaterWalk.JPG (208404 bytes) Back Bay park sb4734Pagoda.JPG (209346 bytes) A place to rest
sb4733PoleBanners.JPG (118301 bytes) You are in Seabrook sb4740CandleFactory.JPG (223942 bytes) Candle Factory
sb4737CandleLady.JPG (192000 bytes) Hmm, what shall I do with this candle? sb4738CandleLady.JPG (182084 bytes) Oh yes, very nice
sb4739Candles.JPG (226677 bytes) Lots of pretty candles sb4741GeraniumStore.JPG (219441 bytes) The Geranium store
sb4732CafeTree.JPG (307689 bytes) Pretty, big tree over the Start sb4731StartFinish.JPG (274083 bytes) Socializing at the Start / Finish
sb4728StartFinish.JPG (255049 bytes) It wasn't really that cold, once you got started sb4729StartFinish.JPG (187678 bytes) Checking in
sb4730InsideCafe.JPG (197201 bytes) Getting a bite to eat in Robyn's Cafe     


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