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Texas City 2003

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10 MAY 2003.  Click on the thumbnails below to see enlarged pictures.

tc5589-ParkSign.jpg (134847 bytes) tc5581-Start.jpg (121455 bytes) tc5585-Start.jpg (152611 bytes) tc5587-BeforeWalk.jpg (125286 bytes)
Welcome to the park The start pavilion Patrick handles a crowd We're ready to go
tc5582-StartView.jpg (134059 bytes) tc5592-AnchorPark.jpg (162428 bytes) tc5593-TexasCityDike.jpg (123757 bytes) tc5594-LagoonAndStart.jpg (136842 bytes)
The pace has slacked off Anchor Park anchor Texas City dike from the levee Looking at the Start across the lagoon
tc5595-LeveeTrail.jpg (117995 bytes) tc5596-HalfMoonShoalLiteHouse.jpg (162641 bytes) tc5599-ReadyToWatch.jpg (131243 bytes) tc5600-OnTrail.jpg (111456 bytes)
The road along the levee Half Moon Shoal light house pavilion A nice place to rest We feel good now
tc5601-Rabons.jpg (100296 bytes) tc5602-OnTrail.jpg (108871 bytes) tc5603-SeabrookFamily.jpg (144656 bytes) tc5604-3Arrows3People.jpg (118722 bytes)
The Rabons wave Here comes Rock Phoebe takes it easy 3 arrows, 3 resters
tc5605-IndianSculpture.jpg (101630 bytes) tc5606-3Arrows3People.jpg (114331 bytes) tc5607-TotemPoleBridge.jpg (137699 bytes) tc5608OnTheTrail.jpg (132698 bytes)
Keeping watch 3 arrows, 3 walkers Totem pole over the bridge Here they come
tc5609-OnTheTrail.jpg (124778 bytes) tc5611-Checkpoint.jpg (174975 bytes) tc5612-InTheGarden.jpg (217194 bytes) tc5613-PhoebeAwake.jpg (173081 bytes)
Taking a rest Taking a rest Touring the home flower garden Phoebe is awake
tc5584-Checkpoint.jpg (161461 bytes) tc5585-Checkpoint.jpg (135043 bytes) tc5617-SundanceGardens.jpg (230444 bytes) tc5616-GardenFlowers.jpg (258290 bytes)
Resting.... ...and resting Sundance Garden Flowers in the garden
tc5615-AfterButterfly.jpg (178884 bytes) tc5619-BSANatureCenter.jpg (94801 bytes) tc5620-Trail.jpg (124381 bytes) tc5621-TheFlores.jpg (135221 bytes)
Reaching for the butterfly Entering the park Down the trail The Flores
tc5625-Birders.jpg (153533 bytes) tc5627-Kiosk.jpg (130087 bytes) tc5628-Ducks.jpg (121235 bytes) tc5630-AirplanePark.jpg (96287 bytes)
Looking at the birds Wildlife center kiosk Ducks on the lagoon Planes in the park
tc5631-Pelicans.jpg (39349 bytes) tc5638-CactusFlowrs.jpg (111195 bytes) tc5643-HurricaneGate.jpg (127427 bytes) tc5588-ComeBackSign.jpg (119570 bytes)
Pelicans in formation Cactus flowers Hurricane flood gate Good bye to Texas City
tc5618-TotemPole.jpg (64718 bytes) tc5622-TotemPole.jpg (79623 bytes) tc5626-TotemPole.jpg (70360 bytes) tc5624-TotemPolesTrail.jpg (96080 bytes)
Totem poles... totem poles... totem poles...  ... and more totem poles


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