Job Descriptions

A well-run club with well-run events doesn’t “just happen”.  Behind the scenes, a cadre of officers and appointed positions are required to help take care of the details.  “On the day” volunteers help the events run smoothly and are the club’s face to the public.  “The more” is not only “the merrier” but also helps spread the work around.

Elections are held in December of each year.  Find a position you like and ask the incumbent for more details.

President:   This position oversees and coordinates all activities of the club as listed below.  In addition, the president:
·        Presides over meetings.
·        Appoints the officer nominating committee.
·        Responsible for maintaining club files.
·        Acts as club’s point of contact in matters with the AVA National and regional offices.  The president has the option of delegating these responsibilities as he/she see fit.
·        Attends TVA and AVA National convention as the Club’s delegate whenever possible.
·        Works with club members in developing events and locations.
·        Appoints ad hoc committees or individuals to work on various club projects.
·        Sanctions events.
1st Vice President:  This is a training position to learn all duties of the president in anticipation of assuming that future role.  Primary responsibilities are:
·        Coordinates event site location and dates for walks for subsequent year.
·        Assists event directors in recruiting event volunteers.
·        Oversees the TVA Texas 10 patch and petals.
·        Presides over club meetings and activities in the President’s absence.
·        Becomes familiar with the president’s job with the intention of becoming a candidate for president for the next year.
2nd Vice President:  This position is primarily responsible for:
 ·       Event flyer distribution to other walking clubs in Texas in a timely manner.
·        Coordinates ordering of awards after receipt of information from event director/president.
·        Orders and maintains inventory of specialty items (shirts, badges, etc.).
Treasurer:  This position is primarily responsible for:
·        The Club’s checking account.
·        The Club’s financial records and reports.
·        Money box and cash for the events.
·        Makes all bank deposits and reconciles bank statement.
·        Pays all club bills authorized by the president or his/her representative.
·        Prepares and submits any forms relevant to club’s financial matters.
·        Responsible of handling “returned checks.”
·        Files after event reports and sanctions.
Membership Chairman:  This person is responsible for maintaining up-to-date, computerized membership records and is prepared to furnish data from the files (e.g., mailing labels, ad hoc reports, etc.).  This position is primarily responsible for:
·        Mails membership renewals in June for July 1st membership renewals.
·        Furnishes mailing labels to the newsletter editor for quarterly newsletter mailing.
Recording Secretary:  This position is primarily responsible for:
·        Monthly event pre-registrations.
·        Meeting notes/minutes.
·        Mailing thank you cards to volunteers.
·        Maintains supply of “Start” cards.
Publicity:  This position is primarily responsible for:
·        Write and submit articles to the American Wanderer.
·        Prepares club publicity for local newspaper, television, and radio.
·        Submits articles to local community papers.
·        Searches community for other forms of event publicity.
Car Pool:  This position is primarily responsible for:
·        Maintain and coordinate names and phone numbers for matching people who can share rides with people who desire to car pool to events.
Historian:  This position maintains a history book of club activities including pictures and news articles.
Newsletter editor:  Write the quarterly newsletter with input from other officers.  Responsible for printing and mailing after receiving labels from membership chairman.
Social:  Coordinates social events associated with walks.  Example:  the holiday party following the December walk and the club birthday.
Trail Master:  This position is primarily responsible to oversee event directors to ensure event:
·        Safety      ·        Distance ·        Degree of interest   ·        Completeness (event directors’ duties).
Event Director:  Coordinates all requirements for an event including:
·        Selects the trail
·        Determines check points and start/finish
·        Determines number of volunteers required.
·        Coordinates pre-walk trail marking.
·        Coordinates design of event award.
·        Checks trail the day of the event for markings
·        Ensures trail is swept for trail markings and lingering walkers.
Phone committee:  Call members to remind them of upcoming events or other activities.
EVENT POSITIONS (in addition to Trail Master and Event Director)
Start Table:  Greet walkers, ensure walk cards are filled out properly, collect fees, distribute directions, answer questions, send walkers off in correct direction.  Collect money for shirts, awards, etc.
Finish Table:  Greet returning walkers, collect walk cards, stamp books, track remaining walkers, answer questions.
Checkpoints:  Greet walkers, punch or mark walk cards, provide water and candy, send walkers off in correct direction.
Greeter:  At the Start/Finish area – greet walkers, explain the club and volksmarching to new participants, keep brochure table neat
Trail Sweeper:  When the event is completed, help pick up trail markers