Listed here is a potpouri of descriptions, comments, stories, etc about previous walks.

Discovery Green25 Oct 2008
Houston Arboretum13 Dec 2008

2008 – October – Discovery Green, Downtown Houston      contributed by Leslie Penton

50 walkers enjoyed Discovery Green, downtown Houston, the Buffalo Bayou walk blended into our Discovery Green walk. The weather was outstanding. You couldn’t ask for a better autumn walking day.

The Houston Happy Hikers would especially like to thank Larry & Bonnie Stover for their hard work designing this trail. A lot of thought and work went into the walk and it is much appreciated.

I would also like to thank our other volunteers: Elaine LeGrand; Bobbi Kowalski; Mary Wheat; Yvonne Mattingly; Ladora & Eric Jernigan, Catherine Kellner and me.

As a “heads up”, the Houston Happy Hikers next walk is in Seabrook on November 16. That is just 3 weeks away. I will be sending out volunteer requests soon.  Until then, Happy Trails!

2008 – December – Houston Arboretum and Nature Center     contributed by Leslie Penton

This follow-up email is to report on our walk at the Houston Arboretum and our Holiday Luncheon/Meeting yesterday, December 13, 2008.

Yesterday was a fine day with great walking temperatures and overcast skies. It stayed dry so no rain which is great. Forty-two walker participated.

I would like to take time to thank the volunteers who helped with this walk. Thanks to Catherine and myself for marking the trail/set up and Yvonne Mattingly for taking it down. Carol Pontello, Dan McKenzie and LaDora and Eric Jernigan for working the Start/Finish. Thanks to Mary Wheat for bringing the box and taking care of the money/reporting aspects and thanks to Rob Yannaccone and Yvonne Mattingly for working the checkpoint. Thanks to all the wonderful walkers who offered to help carry stuff while setting up and taking down. Very special thanks goes to Larry and Bonnie Stover and Cindy Brahm and her father who set up and decorated the meeting room, prepared the main dishes, purchased the door prizes and much more. An outstanding performance!

It was great to see everyone there, especially our webmaster, Andy Howard and his wife Tina. Andy has recently under gone extreme surgery and is making a great recovery. As usual, he was taking pictures – great job!

We had a great lunch of beef brisket and spiral ham along with lots of sides and desserts. Cookies were served at the Start/Finish and Checkpoint.

Some highlights of our meeting included reports from current officers, a review of tentative walks for 2009, possibility of having nametags made and also T-Shirt and hats/visors. We also discussed growth. We would like all members to bring their friends to walks. Also, if anyone knows of places we can put up our flyers, I will try to help facilitate that. I know that I am taking our flyers to my monthly weigh in at Weight Watchers in hope that someone will come.

Our tentative walk schedule for 2009 is:

*January 24, 2009 – Buffalo Bayou – Elaine LaGrand Trailmaster – confirmed

*February 21, 2009 – Pasadena Walk/Bike – Karen Cormier – confirmed

*March 28, 2009 – Cypress Lone Star College – CypressFairbanks – Trailmaster needed

*April 2009 = Washington on the Brazos – Mary Wheat Trailmaster

*May 16, 2009 Brazos Bend State Park – Delores Bentke/Catherine Kellner Trailmasters

*June 2009 Group walk TBD

*September 2009 – Meyer Park, Spring, TX – Bobby Kowalski Trailmaster

*October 2009 Discovery Green – Larry & Bonnie Stover Trailmasters

*November 2009 Seabrook – Dory Nelson coordinating – Trailmaster needed

*December 2009 – Houston Arboretum – Trailmaster needed

We had our election of Officers and they are listed below:

President: Catherine Kellner

1st VP: Leslie Penton

2nd VP: Larry Stover

Secretary: LaDora Jernigan

Treasurer: Mary Wheat

Newsletter Editor: Pat Farnell (brand new member! Thanks!) 

Membership Chairman: Tonya Harris (also new member! Thanks)

Volunteer Coordinator: Elaine LaGrand, Carol Pontello, Lydia Blagg and Bobbi Kawalski.

Webmaster: Andy Howard

Hospitality: Cindy Brahm

Publicity: Delores Bentke

Nominating Committee: Lydia Blagg

YRE Galveston: Debbie Doyle & Karen Cormier

College Station/Huntsville YREs: Charlene Forester

San Jacinto YRE: Ken & Daralyn Schubert

Medical Center YREs – TBD

And so, I have rambled on enough. In a few weeks, I will be sending out e-mails looking for volunteers for our January 24 walk at Buffalo Bayou. I expect that the volunteer committee will also be making calls.

Happy Holidays from the Houston Happy Hikers and see you on the trail next year (2009)