Year Round Events

WHAT IS A YEAR-ROUND VOLKSWALK? – A volkswalk is an organized, non-competitive walking event designed for people of all ages to promote physical fitness and wholesome recreation of singles, couples and families. Typically, an event is 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) and the route is carefully selected for its safety and appeal to most people. A Year-Round Event (unlike other volkssport events which have established start/finish times and usually are conducted on weekends) may be walked any day of the year.

Here are the Year Round Events sponsored by the Houston Happy Hikers.  See ya on the trail!.

  • We are proud to present six Year Round Events (YRE’s) for your walking pleasure. 
  • Three of them start at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites – Med Center, 6800 Main Street, Houston, Texas, on the northeast corner of Holcombe and Main, in the Houston Medical Center area.   Ask for the  “volksmarch” or “walk”  box at the Check-In Desk.   Use MapQuest to find the Start.
  • Our 4th YRE starts at the Visitors’ Center/Museum in the base of the monument at the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site.  Enter the monument on the West side and find the AVA Walk Box in the kiosk located to the left of the entrance.   Use MapQuest to find the Start.
  • The 5th YRE, new for 2006, is in Huntsville.  Visit Sam Houston State University and Sam Houston Monument and Museum.  Use MapQuest to find the Start. 
  • The 6th YRE, new for 2007, is in College Station, home of Texas A&M University and the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.  Use MapQuest to find the Start.
  • Each walk can be done for two event credits — one credit before July1, one credit after June 30.  Each walk can be done as many times as you like for kilometer credit but $3.00 must be paid each time the course is walked for distance credit except that a trail may be walked twice on the same day for one fee

Looking at the start point of the San Jacinto Battleground event (at the bottom of the monument) from the main battery of the Battleship TEXAS.
Medical Center (10K)  PhotosOne of the largest medical complexes in the world, walk by the different hospital complexes.
Rice University, Museum District (11K)   PhotosWalk along tree-lined streets around and through Rice University.   Take time to tour one of the many museums you will pass.  Enjoy the many large homes along the route.
Hermann Park (10K)  PhotosWalk along the golf course, past the Butterfly dome, the Houston Zoo (take a ride on the miniature train), and past the statue of Sam Houston.
San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Site, LaPorte (10K) PhotosWalk the grounds of the battlefield where Texas won its independence from Mexico on April 12, 1836.  Also, visit the Battleship USS Texas, the last of the battleships, patterned after HMS Dreadnought, that participated in World War (WW) I and II.
Huntsville (10K)  PhotosHome of Sam Houston State University and Sam Houston
Bryan (10K)   PhotosHome of the George H.W. Bush Library and Museum and Texas A&M University.